Ayat Kursi Frame

Framed 2D Wood Veneer Artwork

Ayat Kursi Frame
21.5 x 29.0 cm

Even up to present day, Islamic potters are decorating their works with their style of calligraphy. In recent years, archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of artefacts, including pottery and coffee pots in the Emirates that point to civilised settlements dating back to the third millennium B.C. The calligraphy used in their pieces are most often religious, or sacred messages from the Qur’an or Islamic holy book.

The merits of Ayat Kursi (The Verse of The Throne) have been mentioned in numerous hadiths. Although the Quran itself and every verse therein are of excellence, Ayat Kursi is the 255th verse of the second chapter (surah) Al-Baqara. It is one of the most famous verses of the Qur’an and is widely memorised and displayed in the Islamic world due to its empathic description of God’s qualities and power.

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