Work from Home Tips in a Biophilic City

Work from Home Tips in a Biophilic City

With Singapore’s reputation as a Garden City, Singapore is widely known to be a biophilic city, meaning “having a love for living things”. Over the years, the country has maintained this reputation, introducing more species of native trees and shrubs into our living spaces. This vast interconnected network of verdant streetscapes, gardens, nature reserves and vertical greenery has kept Singapore sustainably green. Biophilic spaces are known to have psychological benefits. As we work from home, we can also bring these natural elements into our home workspace.

ARCH’s heritage frames tell the story of Singapore’s synchronicity with biodiversity. As Singaporeans learn to embrace biophilia by connecting with nature, these frames are a constant reminder of the balanced and equanimous lives we seek. Not just a personalised gift, it encourages us to be placid and enjoy the serenity of nature. As a customised corporate heritage gift of Singapore, it assures clients of organised, committed and calm corporate leadership.


City in a Garden Memo Pad Holder and Notebook

DEM0017-SG9 - City In A GardenNBC0061-SG24 - A5 Notebook City in a Garden

Singapore is designed as an environmentally friendly and sustainable place for conducive live, work and play. Marina Bay Sands has a freshwater reservoir that increases the nation’s water supply by 10%. It has a well-shaded environment with lush foliage for pedestrians. Gardens by the Bay, with the largest glass greenhouse in the world (Flower Dome), is a haven of greenery. And Changi Airport, with the completion of Jewel, has a self-contained natural ecosystem of diverse plants and water.

ARCH’s beautiful writing materials showcases the beauty of being inhabitants in a living, breathable cityscape. Tapping on the gifts of nature, it improves our mental well-being. Writing on paper also enhances complex thinking to generate better solutions. A vibrant notebook cover depicting the wonderful colours of nature in Singapore reminds us of the beautiful, green metropolis we live in. This is a perfect customised gift of Singapore for individuals and corporations to appreciate working life in Singapore and the benefits of our natural environment.

Pride of Singapore Bookmark – Keeping a Good Balance


Singapore is a cosmopolitan country. This is reflected in our restored buildings which showcase our multi-cultural heritage and new buildings which highlight our continuing world-class innovation. The Singapore Sustainability Blueprint of 2015 incorporates “blue” and “green” zones of waters and trees to create a comfortable, breathable city. The icons of Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore Flyer, Esplanade and the beloved Merlion reflect our transformation into a global hub for business, recreation and work.

As we work from home, opportunity arises for us to reflect on our lives and our environment. We may miss the hustle and bustle of office life, the connections we share with our colleagues and the green recreational spaces we enjoy which bring friends and families closer together. ARCH’S “Pride of Singapore” bookmark presents a delicate yet profound reminder of connections between corporate life and innate well-being.

Singapore Skyline Kraft Memo Pad


The Singapore City Skyline memo pad harkens one back to the days where Singapore built towards and became a global financial hub. The civic district of UOB centre, UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza lies on the banks of the Singapore River, the historic birthplace of modern Singapore. One milestone project is the cleaning up of Singapore River in the 1980s. Today, Singapore has reaped the benefits of being a livable and sustainable global city known for its cleanliness.

Working from home can be viewed as an opportunity to appreciate Singapore as a workplace and home. Our city’s skyline reminds us of the co-existing ecosystems of commerce and nature. ARCH’s Singapore Skyline Kraft Memo Pad showcases prominent office buildings in our skyline juxtaposed with the historic and vibrant Singapore River – elements that keep our spirits alive. It is a wonderful Singapore Heritage Gift showcasing the best of Singapore culture.

Working from home may just be the future of work as we become more environmentally conscious. We are moving towards becoming a Smart City while reducing carbon footprint and bringing work home which reduces travel and its accompanying gas emissions. ARCH’s customised corporate handicrafts help to translate this message of biophilia to individuals and corporations, setting the trajectory for transformation into a more sustainable and green working environment as well as a more balanced lifestyle.

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