Why Orchids make the perfect gift for Homes and Offices

Why Orchids make the perfect gift for Homes and Offices

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A home is a sanctuary of comfort, security and love. It is a place to rest and satisfy our souls. Within our homes, we immerse our lives and feel free within these spaces. In our offices, we also seek out a balance of space, productivity and positive energy to get through tiring workdays. 

ARCH has designed an intricate collection of wood-crafted orchids for both places. Renowned for thriving in any environment, orchids symbolise resiliency. They are highly adaptable and are recognised for their poise and splendour. In many cultures, orchids symbolise fertility, love and purity. 

Vanda Miss Joaquim (Transparent) Frame

Orchids are often showcased at official ceremonies as they appear stately. Caroline Harrison, First Lady of America (1889) introduced orchids as an official floral decoration at state receptions. And as the national flower of Singapore, its significance goes beyond a mere decoration. Orchids symbolise resilience and is noted for its year-round blooming quality. Its presence enhances the prestige of an office space or home.  You can place this black-framed Vanda Ms Joaquim in a prominent meeting room for added stature. As a heritage representation of Singapore and a symbol of the country’s harmonious multicultural heritage, it adds weight as a corporate gift presenting the best that Singapore has to offer. 

MIA0078-SG15 - Vanda Ms Joaquim(1)

Orchidaceae Pearl Photo Frame (Available in Red, Ebony and Beige)

Orchids are sweet and elegant. This makes it perfect for framing pictures of people we cherish. The subtle decoration ensures that the orchids does not steal the show, but rather enhances the cherished pictures we frame. The square frame is great for decorating a gallery wall, creating balance and contrast with different varieties of frames. This piece is ideal as a personalised gift to loved ones as a frame to showcase prized shared memories.

Go for white if you prefer a minimalist look. It accentuates the spaces and corners in a room. If you have some clutter, this frame will draw attention away from the clutter and focuses the viewer on the frame. It also provides a feeling of warmth in the office and at home. Go for red if you prefer to be reminded of passionate love at home. 

PPF0077-SG4B - Orchid (Beige)

Desk accessories (Memopads, Name card holder, Pen Holder) 

The highlighted desk accessories, with their ornate orchid designs, showcases the flower’s feminine nature. The piece with botanic features creates a clean approach towards enhancing the office’s design while the artistic design piece reflects heritage and imbues a stately presence in a room. Whichever you choose, both are impressive decorations in an elegant room where important conversations are held. They are perfect Singapore gift ideas for an art afficionado.


Vanda Miss Joaquim Frame

In this unique frame, purity and harmony are intertwined as a sophisticated web of life. The birds in this frame symbolise a new spring and freedom, bringing vibrancy to the piece. An eloquent decoration, it will spark great conversations and admiring looks when placed in a tea-room. A black frame, bordering a gold rim in the centre, gives it a cool and sophisticated look. Altogether, it is a wonderful decoration that makes visitors feel at home. Consider this as a premium gift for your host.

Vanda Ms Joaquim - SG0040-HS223

Renanthera Kalsom Frame

Natural orchid colours are captivating and amazing. Red is a versatile colour that can be used to balance against other backgrounds, making the frame eye-catching. If you have black furniture in the office, red and black creates a contemporary, harmonious and captivating colour scheme. Make it into a complete unique gift set with the Renanthera Kalsom Photo Frame to enhance the balance of colour and space.

R_SG-Renanthera Kalsom 49.5x51.5cm

Get the complete set

Orchids are often associated with important persons, and a full set elevates the prestige of the owner. Having a consistent orchid theme emphasises boldness, strength and resiliency in charting new frontiers. A complete orchid set brings a modern and elegant touch to your home and office.  All in all, the use of orchid motifs is unrivalled in uniqueness and enhances the prestige of rooms they adorn.

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