When to Give & Who to Give Them to

When to Give & Who to Give Them to

Giving corporate gifts is a part of every successful business marketing strategy. For years, it has been benefitting organisations in several ways, one of which is by serving as a thank you gift to employees, clients, business partners, vendors, and anyone who has been valuable to the company.

As a leading provider of premium corporate gifts in Singapore, Arch Heritage has been specialising in helping their clients come up with creative company gift ideas for their corporate events, advertising campaigns, and more.

It’s typical for them to receive bulk orders on a regular basis and the demand only increases in the Christmas season. But, you don’t really have to wait for the holidays to send out corporate gifts, do you?

There are several occasions that call for gift-giving to different groups of people. But, exactly when and who to give corporate gifts to? Find out in this article.

Who to Give Corporate Gifts To

1. Employees

To start—your employees should at least receive a token of appreciation every year whether it be a cash gift or something to reward their hard work—a wooden plaque for instance.

When purchasing gifts for them, however, it’s better to get the same items for everyone, regardless of their position. But if you’d like to level it up, you can always opt to buy a little more meaningful gifts to employees who have been with your company longer or those who performed well in the past year.

Just make sure that the basis and nature of the gift are consistent as the last thing you’d want is to make anyone feel underappreciated or to look like you have your favourites.

2. Clients

In the same manner, you should also send gifts to clients at least every year. While the holiday season is a given, birthdays can also be a good reason to send them gifts.

If your company deals with a relatively small client base, customising their gifts will make them feel valued and truly important to your business. But, if your business has too many clients that individual purchases may just not be possible, you can still make do with customised items that are ordered in bulk—and it’s in these cases when corporate gift suppliers come into play.

Arch Heritage can provide you with quality gifts that are customised exclusively for you, so you can rest assured that you’re giving away gifts that are both beautiful and functional.

3. Vendors and Other Key Personalities in the Business

Other key personalities that contribute to your business including your business partners and vendors—consultants, postal workers, etc.—should also receive corporate gifts.

As with anyone, you can opt to send gifts to these people over the holidays. While they are also likely to prefer cash gifts, you can also throw in customised gifts if appropriate.

You can give them all with the same gifts or base the value of the items on how closely you work with them and/or on how important the services they provide to your business are.

When to Give Corporate Gifts

As mentioned, while Christmas is a season of giving, you may also opt to send gifts to these people for occasions during some other time of the year.

• For employees, you can reward them with gifts to celebrate a promotion, an account closed, or any other milestone.

• For clients, you can send them gifts after the success of a major project or during a time where they went beyond to assist your company.

• Besides occasions, you should also identify when it’s appropriate to send gifts based on any restrictions the recipients have on receiving them. For instance, some of them probably don’t celebrate Christmas thus, it may be better to send them gifts outside the holiday season.

• Lastly, make sure to avoid sending gifts to clients during inappropriate times, a typical case would be when you’re trying to close a deal with them as doing so could send the wrong message.

Sending corporate gifts is and will continue to be an effective way to give your company a wealth of advantages in the business world. Regardless of the industry you are in, it’s never been more essential to include corporate gifts into your marketing strategy.

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