Singapore Corporate Gifts – Transnationalism in Singapore’s Iconic Landmarks

Singapore Corporate Gifts – Transnationalism in Singapore’s Iconic Landmarks

Transnationalism is the basis on which global corporations operate globally and establish borderless working agreements with each other. This is true between governments and other organizations as well. Transnationalism has enabled the existence of globalized corporations, global money flow, seamless information exchange and international cooperation. Through this transnational exchange of knowledge enabled by information technology, Singapore has been transformed into a global city.

As your organization reaches across the globe, our ARCH corporate gift ideas help you to portray a global corporate image and give you an edge in fostering international corporate relations. 

Beautiful Singapore Cityscape Frame

R_SG 0040-HS165 (Connect to the world) V1

Singapore is one of the biggest transportation and logistics hubs in the world. Changi Airport serves 6,800 weekly flights to 330 cities. Singapore also has Air Service Agreements (ASAs) with 130 states. For maritime, Singapore is connected to 600 ports in the world by 200 shipping lines. As a key cog in the global economy, Singapore is an attractive and livable city for global trotting professionals and executives. 

This ARCH frame carries a futuristic message of a corporation going borderless and highlights Singapore’s progress as a global aviation and maritime hub. Showcasing the drive that corporations must have in order to propel their vision forward, it reflects the speedy changes needed to build new infrastructure to go further. Embracing and showcasing this Singapore aspiration to global business partners makes it an ideal customized Singapore corporate gift.

Gorgeous Singapore @ Bayfront Frame


The construction of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) reflects the limitless network of borderless connectivity. To design and construct it, the government courted renowned global talent and convened an International Panel of Experts (IPE) to gather transnational expertise and knowledge across diverse fields, such as architecture and urban planning. To stand among other iconic structures in the world, award winning international architect, Moshie Safdie (who also designed Changi Jewel) was invited to design the building. MBS is modelled after international iconic sites, such as San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf and the Sydney Harbour. The Helix Bridge was inspired by Newcastle’s Gatehead Millennium Bridge and Melbourne’s Webb Bridge.

As a Singapore Heritage Gift, the Bayfront Frame reflects the inclusiveness of Singapore and its warm embrace of foreign investors and transnational corporations. It reflects your corporation’s ability to contribute globally as a reliable and valuable partner. Gifting this frame as a Singapore Heritage Gift taps onto the nation’s iconic landscape as an ideal metaphor of your corporation’s embrace of global connectivity to your partners. 

Distinctive Esplanade Frame

R_SG 0040-HS25 (Esplanade)

The design of the Esplanade was done by DP Architects and Michael Wilford & Partners. The Concert Hall was done by the late master acoustician Russell Johnson. It has a special feature allowing it to be acoustically “tuned” to create optimal conditions for a wide range of music performances. The Concert Halls is now home to a variety of local and international performances. In fact, the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC) Secretariat moved its office from Sydney Opera House in Australia to the Esplanade.

Being a patron of the arts enables companies to elevate their brand image across different cultures and borders. ARCH’s Singapore Heritage Gift signifies the corporation’s ability to move in sync with corporate partners and speak the same language, across different cultures and borders.

A successful transnational corporation is able to transcend geographic, economic and cultural boundaries. It must have the appropriate know-how and technological infrastructure to communicate and transfer knowledge. Ambitious global organizations must transform to meet these challenges. ARCH’s customized corporate frames will help to project your organization’s aspirations to ride the waves of global transformation.

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