Selecting a personalised keepsake for a precious someone

Selecting a personalised keepsake for a precious someone

Gift-giving is a personal rite and it is a precious symbol to the one giving the gifts. Often, we choose gifts that are personal to us and will also mean something to the other person. This is what we would want to remember as a tangible connection we have with that precious one. Giving a gift is a way of speaking to someone dear to us as we listen quietly for their response. 

 Thank You message with a white heart

At ARCH, we have a host of unique premium and personalised gift ideas to offer that symbolise a sturdy relationship which grows with time and never wears out. 

Here are some items to tingle the heartstrings and melt the hearts of your precious one. 

Botanic Gardens Frame

In this art piece, red hibiscus flowers highlights the vibrancy of nature. This is juxtaposed against the backdrop of flowers with smaller, well-defined petals, showcasing the delicate nature of wood. Altogether unique, this echoes the sense of an enduring spirit and speaks of finesse towards a person, hence making it a special Singapore personalised handicraft gift.


Traditional Shophouses

Looking as if they came out of an exquisite art book, these 3-D shophouses are beautiful handicraft pieces to remind of the passage of time and honour the tough labour of yesteryears and the intensive makeovers we have witnessed to the modern facets of our identity. This handmade heritage Singapore gift is unique for generations of Singaporeans who grew up together, cherishing the same landmarks, heritage and memories. This 3-D premium gift will undoubtedly bond family and friends closer together.


Drop by our shop to have a look at this singing diva. She is a symbol of vigour shattering a lacklustre past. Her vivacity is provocative and optimistic, telling us that will always be better times ahead to look forward to. You would find it an appropriate personalised gift for someone who is naturally outgoing and passionately loves music. As a keychain, it is a unique Singapore heritage gift idea.



As a painstakingly crafted handmade Singapore gift, this Kebaya piece reminds us of the sweat and blood women have contributed to domestic duties and the building of our nation and reminds us of our mothers’ and aunts’ love and affection for us. This handicraft premium Singapore gift is a wonderful tribute to their often underappreciated work and sacrifices and a fantastic customised gift to them.

 R_CS 0006-71 (Yellow Rose)

Orchid Memo Pad

Bosses are important people in our lives. Some of us are fortunate to have bosses who appreciate our hard work and give us due credit and rewards. But these bosses are rare to come by. A premium gift for them would help to convey a sense of appreciation. Orchids symbolise strength, power and integrity. This beautiful memo pad signifies the qualities that your boss embodies. It is a wonderful gift idea as a token of appreciation to your boss. Thank your superiors for their support by giving them this personalised gift.



Have you ever kept a precious diary where you spent hours penning your thoughts without realising that time has disappeared? Or are you one of those who have kept a secret diary with a “pen pal” through your teenage years? We seem to have lost an appreciation for the organic nature of writing. Phones have become our constant companion but also a bad distractor. If we could detach our eyes from our phones, we might find that penning our thoughts in a notebook or diary as a personal memoir is an intriguing and invigorating idea. If you know of someone who appreciates the lost art of writing you might want to get them a Singapore heritage notebook as a unique gift to get them to start writing again.

R_NBC0061-SG3 Sg Skyscraper 

Gift-giving comes with a social etiquette. Whether it is for your family, your colleagues or your friends, you may want to choose the appropriate setting to present your gift. For example, by staging a private moment or bringing them to a place where you share a common memory to present the gift. While we do not have the custom of bowing, a gesture of respect and courtesy like presenting it with both hands will still make the person feel honored. Relationships are inestimable and we understand how unique handicrafts gifts can refine the rough edges of a relationship with sincerity.

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