Personalising the Vignettes of Singapore’s Past in 3D Miniatures (Part 1)

Personalising the Vignettes of Singapore’s Past in 3D Miniatures (Part 1)

A small thing may give an analogy of great things, and show the tracks of knowledge” – Lucretius

A miniature is a scaled down version of an original object. Just as the original was designed and constructed for a purpose, the miniature parallels the original to illustrate the intangible symbolism of the original. Small things paradoxically become larger than life.

ARCH’s miniatures of Singapore’s iconic structures captures the vignettes of life in Singapore from colonial to modern times. It encapsulates the shared memories and national pride of Singaporeans. Within the shrunken form of the miniature, a universe of memories, images, feelings, sentiments and meanings are evoked.

 At ARCH, these sentiments are painstakingly handcrafted into heritage gifts of Singapore.

Dragon Playground 3D Miniature

3D Dragon Playground

For Khor Ean Ghee, the architect who designed the dragon playground, the impetus for creating such a childlike animal motif on a playground was that “children see the shape and they like it”. Also, “it should be functional. Playgrounds are for playing”. The notion and memory of childhood play is encapsulated in this beautiful handcrafted miniature. The notion of play is also important in adult working life. Childhood play teaches us to progress from easy to advanced gaming tasks as we taste the sweetness of conquests made on our own volition. The corporate world is no different. Espousing the value of play is a great corporate gift idea and a great way to connect with clients. It implies to them that they can be assured of similar pleasures when going together into new ventures.

Raffles Hotel 3D Miniature

R_.3D RAFFLES HOTEL (full view) -

During colonial times, Raffles Hotel was a place which divided the colonial masters and the natives in terms of race and class. Post-war till the 1970s, the hotel began to lose its eminence and needed a makeover. In 1987, the Singapore government gazetted Raffles Hotel as a National Monument and the hotel was closed for an extensive renovation in 1989. Reopening in 1991, the hotel resurrected into a profitable entity, attracting stayers with its rich history and authenticity. Indeed, Raffles Hotel has become one of the leading luxury hotels in the world.

 The Raffles Hotel miniature celebrates the hotel’s rich history and timeless heritage in all its glory. It encapsulates the enduring values of renewal and ageless spirit as Raffles Hotel continues to thrive in today’s corporate world. It is a magnificent Singapore heritage gift, capturing the spirited rise of Singapore from the third-world to the first.

Singapore Shophouse 3D miniature

late-shophouse-3d-miniature-sg0040-hs105SG0040-HS217 - Singapore Old Shophouse Miniature.jpg

The shophouse is a common architectural design housing many of Singapore’s earliest shopfronts. Many shophouse owners occupied two stories, using the ground floor to run their business and the second floor for storage or as living quarters. The verandah, also known as the “five-foot way”, is another significant feature of shophouses.

The “five-foot way” was a viable place for traders to operate with minimal capital. A mixed bag of traders soon grew in its presence, including tinsmiths, barbers and cobblers. Together, these itinerant traders formed a melting pot of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

The Singapore Shophouse miniature is a microcosm of this rich and diverse history in Singapore. It is a tribute to the traders’ tenacity and hard work which helped to turn Singapore into one of the busiest and most important trading ports in the world. As we promote this unique Singapore brand of success globally, this miniature serves as a timeless heritage gift of Singapore to showcase our values.

To find out how miniatures are made, read on to part 2 on making3D miniatures here.

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