Singapore Shophouse 3D Miniature

3D Miniatures

Singapore Shophouse 3D Miniature
8.5 x 8.5 x 10.0 cm

“Shophouses” is a generic term of construction in which buildings are built contiguously, i.e. sharing party walls, forms blocks separated from each other by streets and back lanes. It is used as residences, shops and stores. This “Late Shophouse style” (established around 1900s) is one of the five different stylistic shophouses in Singapore comprising of 2 or 3 storeys.

Featuring clay-tiles, pitch roofs, intermittent air wells, colonnaded five footways and party walls, spectacular ornamentation, Chinese panel frescos & glazed ceramic breeze blocks, curvilinear shaped ventilation spaces above windows on either side. Set in front of the main doors is a pair of intricately carved half doors to provide privacy during the day when the doors are left open for light and ventilation. Malay timber fretwork fascia boards attest to the culture sophistication and artistry.

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