[ New Arrival ] Oriental Series – Golden Rooster Annunciation

[ New Arrival ] Oriental Series – Golden Rooster Annunciation

金鸡报喜 or Golden Rooster Annunciation  symbolically means  good wishes, good luck and happiness in one’s life. One of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, The Rooster, ranked tenth, is a symbol of honesty that signifies fortune, luck, fidelity, protection and business.  The rooster’s crowing was significant as it could awaken people to start work. Those born in Rooster year have strong self-respect, are honest, hard-working, independent, communicative and ambitious. A golden rooster standing on a rock symbolizes great luck to a family.

Peonies, regarded as the king of flowers, represent wealth, honour and extremely good fortune when in full bloom while the amazing Bamboo plant, a symbol of good fortune, is auspicious and associated with strength, prosperity and longevity.

ARCH  combines all these symbolic feng shui and its meanings into a masterpiece, beautifully sculpting each piece with meticulous details and fine intricacy. Selected parts are carefully layered with shining gold, then decorated with an auspicious count of 88 Swarovski elements added to the finishing. Handcrafted to perfection, it is the perfect feng-shui piece to bring about good fortune and prosperity. 

CA0008-87 - Auspicious Rooster 2017 CS0006-172 - Auspicious Rooster 2017 BOO0009-CL27 - Auspicious Rooster 2017 MAG0021-CL26 - Auspicious Rooster 2017

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