Huat Ah! 2020 Year of the Rat: 5 Gift Ideas for the New Year

Huat Ah! 2020 Year of the Rat: 5 Gift Ideas for the New Year

Another year, another opportunity to send your appreciation to everyone who matters to your business: clients, partners, employees, and vendors to name a few.

You may be fresh off buying gifts for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean the holidays are over, with the Chinese New Year just around the corner. If this has got you run out of ideas on what to gift this new year, don’t worry!

This 2020, we are looking into corporate gifts that are relevant to the Year of the Metal Rat and we’ve curated a wide range of gift options that cover some popular categories from artwork displays, fashion accessories, and office supplies.


1. Auspicious Rat Bookmark & Magnet Set

You’re not looking into a mainstream bookmark. It features rats, which while may not be adorable for everyone, are regarded for their wit, alertness, and creativity—some characteristics that you would want to adopt this year. You can purchase it as a set together with a magnet that’s perfect for display on your fridge.


2. Auspicious Rat Charm

Another Arch Heritage product that makes into the list is this golden auspicious rat charm. It’s a perfect gift to convey your blessing for the Chinese New Year; what’s even better is that the recipients can pair it with a matching zodiac such as ox, dragon, and monkey to double up their fortune and luck.


3. Auspicious Rat Framed Artwork

Even for someone who you think has everything, a framed artwork is a corporate gift that will surely be appreciated. Send it a little earlier and you’re surely be giving a gift they can display after Spring Cleaning. You never know, it may be something that would motivate them to finish the cleaning process ASAP.


4. Horoscope Memo Pad Holder

You can be the first person to get your clients—or perhaps your employees—their new memo pad holder for 2020. This astrology-themed gift will make sure no thoughts and ideas will be left unwritten for the next 12 months. It may be small, but this corporate gift is big enough to fulfil its purpose of keeping your business on top of everyone’s minds


5. Rat Bag Charm

Do you know someone who is born in the Year of the Rat? Then here’s the perfect gift for them. Let them proudly celebrate their birth sign with a bag charm that speaks much of their character: clever, optimistic, and instinctive. What’s great about this corporate gift is that not only it will add sparkle to their bags but can double as a keyring as well.

Other CNY Gift Ideas from Arch Heritage

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Start the Year Right, Send Corporate Gifts from Arch Heritage

As the new year unfolds, don’t forget to thank everyone who has helped you achieve your goals for the past year. It’s always a great idea to send them Chinese New Year gifts and while you may be thinking of the budget or how much it would cost, we’re telling you that the benefits it could give you are more than worth it.

At Arch Heritage, we not only provide you with premium corporate gifts in Singapore but the option to customise the gift with your brand logo, message or any other details you wish to add. Sending gifts for the Chinese New Year has never been this elaborate!

Shop for corporate gifts at Arch Heritage. Visit our website today.

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