Enhance your ” Guanxi” (关系) with a Singapore Customised Corporate Gift

Enhance your ” Guanxi” (关系) with a Singapore Customised Corporate Gift

Gift-giving in China is a social contract. Corporate gifting establishes a special relationship known as Guanxi (关系) with Chinese companies. 

Giving strategically is an art. This means being able to choose the right occasion and present the right gift. ARCH’s collection of corporate gift frames is perfect for establishing close corporate relationships and affirming loyalty with other corporations. As a nation with a Chinese majority forming part of the global Chinese diaspora, these Singapore heritage gift frames will help build bridges with Chinese businesses all over the world.  

Peacock & Peonies Frame


GS0099-CA4 - Peacock & Peonies

The peony is adored by the Chinese for their outstanding size. It symbolises royalty, rank, wealth and honour. 

Peacocks are admired for carrying themselves with dignity when displaying their beauty and elegance. They convey rank and wealth. 

Peonies are classically illustrated with peacocks to add to the symbols of status and nobility. This Peacock & Peonies Frame makes an excellent corporate gift to establish ”Guanxi” with the upper echelons of Chinese businesses. Selecting the right gift for dignitaries is important and helps to expand one’s influence. ARCH is able to customize and personalize the frame to help you yield greater leverage.  Giving a Singapore customised gift is a form of bestowing honour to the Chinese partner.

Prosperity Koi Fish Frame

GS0099-2 - Prosperity Koi

The carp is a determined fish that swims upstream, undeterred by rapids. Mythologically, carps that succeed in swimming past the Dragon Gate (in Hunan) are transformed into dragons. This movement symbolizes determination, perseverance and accomplishment. Carps have always been favoured by the Chinese as a symbol of prosperity, abundance, perseverance and loyalty. 

ARCH’s Prosperity Koi Frame strongly affirms the respect you have for the ”Guanxi” with your Chinese associates. It expresses the wish to work in tandem so that both corporations can prosper greatly and organically together. This customised corporate gift will seal your affinity with the Chinese business partner. 

Auspicious Horses Frame


The eight running horses in the frame symbolize a group of talented leaders or corporations sprinting forward together. Their well-established “Guanxi” carries them to the end of the race. This speaks of excellent management, collaboration and boldness in cohesion. Veneer colours can be customized to create an elegant corporate gift. ARCH’s Auspicious Horses Frame carries a strong message of “Guanxi” bringing the companies forward together in unity and progress. Horses are also universal symbols of art, skill, capitalism and power. This Singapore gift idea will leverage Singapore’s globally well-regarded status on your company and place you in good relations with both Chinese and non-Chinese partners.  

Succeeding in China is a result of being able to understand and adapt to the corporate social landscape. In order to increase one’s power, one needs an increase in leverage and influence. Presenting a corporate frame also means synchronising it with your corporate message, making it a Singapore personalised gift. At ARCH, we ensure that you get to customize your corporate gift as a way to build strong and lasting “Guanxi”, and make you a winning corporation and influencer as you represent Singapore. 

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