Corporate Gift Giving: Best Tips for Corporate Enhancement

Corporate Gift Giving: Best Tips for Corporate Enhancement

Corporate Gift Giving: Best Tips for Corporate Enhancement

Giving corporate gifts in Singapore is customary and somehow expected in the industry.

It offers a great opportunity to show appreciation and give tokens of gratitude to customers, employees, business partners, and anyone who has been part of your business’ success. But, more importantly, it’s also an effective way to improve your brand image. You inspire a positive perception of your brand as recipients will associate you to generosity and goodwill.

If corporate gift-giving is part of your marketing strategy, you should know that choosing effective and impactful gifts for the key personalities in your business is not as difficult as you think. The following tips should help you get the most out of your corporate gift-giving:

5 Corporate Gift-Giving Tips that Will Enhance Your Corporate Image

• Make it Functional

The best corporate gifts are the ones that are used daily and make life more convenient. It should go without saying that your gifts should not only be aesthetically appealing but also practical and useful.


Take this 12 Zodiac Memo Pad Holder for example. It hits all the above requirements as it doesn’t merely look beautiful but can also keep you organised in the office. It solves the problem of you forgetting an appointment or sending an e-mail thus, proving its functionality.

• Brand It

What’s even better with this memo pad holder and other Arch Heritage products is they’re brandable. While some may disagree, printing your brand logo on corporate gifts can add value to them, provided that it’s a discreet engraving that doesn’t make them look like promotional gifts.

Consequently, while it’s not possible to have your brand name printed on every corporate gift, you can always have your corporate gifts custom-made for you. The idea is to prevent your corporate gifts from looking like a generic gift and this leads us to the next point:

• Personalise It

When you personalise corporate gifts, you’ll be surprised how powerful such a small gesture can be and how effective it is in showing how much you care about the recipient.


Adding a note to the gift or delivering it in person can further increase the level of personalisation of your gift, so make sure to consider these tips as well.

• Don’t Overdo It

While personalisation is encouraged, it’s better not to overdo it. Keep in mind that gifts of appreciation should be practical, thoughtful, and sincere. Anything more than that could send a different message, regardless of who you’re giving it to.

Keep your gifts small and practical or better yet, make sure that they’re worth roughly the same price.

• Send Gifts Year-Round

Sending gifts around the holidays is customary and somehow expected. In fact, there’s an influx in demand for customised corporate gifts in Singapore as early as September. But, ironically, the holiday season is also the least effective time for corporate gift-giving.

NBC0061-SG24 - A5 Notebook City in a Garden 

So, besides the holiday season, you should also consider sending gifts when they’re least expected. Whether it’s to congratulate an employee for a promotion or to celebrate a new partnership with a client, you’ll surely be remembered for such a thoughtful gift.

There can’t be a better way to enhance your corporate image than sending gifts. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you’re bound to increase awareness, interest, and curiosity around your brand with corporate gift-giving.

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