Climate Change & Sustainability: What Makes Arch Heritage Products Eco-Friendly

Climate Change & Sustainability: What Makes Arch Heritage Products Eco-Friendly

Climate change is the most significant challenge the world is facing today. It’s disrupting global economies, agriculture, ecology; costing people and nature dearly today and more so tomorrow.

How Climate Change Impacts the World

The alarming, long-term increase in temperatures or global warming can at least impact the world in three levels: physical, biological, and human systems.

In case you haven’t been watching the news, the poles are melting, causing glacial regression, the melting of snow, thawing of permafrost, flooding, droughts, erosion, and rising of sea levels to name a few extreme natural phenomenons.

There’s also the death of flora and fauna in terrestrial and marine ecosystems, displacement of wildlife in search for better living conditions, and of course, the extinction of some animals in the last century—Tasmanian tiger, Carribean monk seal, Caspian tiger,  and Western black rhinoceros, among nearly 500 species believed to have gone extinct.

However, it’s not only the wildlife that’s been affected by climate change. The warming temperatures, drastic changes in precipitation, rising sea levels, are also affecting the food we eat, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe.

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A Massive Climate War Effort is What We Need Now

If these aren’t any indication, climate change is a global, complex problem that requires globally-coordinated solutions and efforts on the national to community levels. While you may think you can only do so little to contribute, there’s actually plenty of ways you can help combat climate change and its impacts, starting by living more sustainably.

How to Live More Sustainably

Reduce energy consumption: Turn off electronics when not in use, hang clothes to dry, opt for energy-efficient appliances, rely less on your car, these are merely some of the many ways you can do to save energy and resources.

Shop locally: Whether it’s handmade gifts or food supply, locally-produced products require less transportation. Therefore, when you purchase them, you’re contributing less to gas emission, traffic congestion, and pollution.

Minimise waste: Don’t just recycle. Reduce what you are throwing away in the garbage. Compost kitchen waste, try to consume as much food, go plastic-free, and donate items that can be used by others.

Participate in activities dedicated to sustainability: Find organisations in your area that promote sustainability and get involved. Joining such organisations can go a long way in making an impact in your local community and the environment.

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Our Part in Sustainability as a Handmade Gift Provider in Singapore

Singapore isn’t called the eco-friendliest country in Asia for nothing. For several years, the city has been implementing initiatives to reduce food waste and leverage technology to transform agriculture, end hunger, and promote sustainable farming.

Here at Arch Heritage, we do our part in sustainability by handcrafting our products from the finest wood veneer acquired only from sustainable sources. We also make sure to reduce our carbon footprint by employing green practices from our production down to distribution.

We put sustainability as a priority in our business operations, taking into consideration our ecological, social, and economic impact on the environment.

How about you, how do you take part in our battle against climate change? What sustainable steps are you taking to live a greener lifestyle?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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