8 Customised Gift Ideas to Boost Your Corporate Image

8 Customised Gift Ideas to Boost Your Corporate Image

8 Customised Gift Ideas to Boost Your Corporate Image

As the age-old mantra goes, “the customer is king,” it’s always essential to value and appreciate those that fuel your business—and one way is through giving gifts.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, Arch Heritage gathered some great customised corporate gift ideas to inspire you.

8 Corporate Gift Ideas to Give to Customers

1. Business Cardholder: Anything to organise a desk space would be appreciated. If you give your customer a gift such as this Orchid cardholder, they might think of you every time they hand out a card.

2. Notebook: Whether it be in school or in a meeting, everyone takes notes. Send your customer a gift that they can write on like this Singapore Skyscraper kraft notebook.

3. Bag Charm: Bag charms can double as keychains and whatever purpose you may want them to serve, you can personalise these products with your business logo or design.

4. Framed Artwork: A 2D framed artwork version of your business establishment also works as a great corporate gift. It immortalises your brand and more importantly, create an impression to your customers.

5. Bookmarks – Customised bookmarks are functional and practical. They make great door gifts to get your brand noticed during corporate events and exhibits.

6. Standee Plaque -  Nothing recognises someone valuable to your company than with a standee plaque that can be custom-engraved for outstanding employees, clients, or business partners.

7. Photo Frame – With family photo being a staple on office desktops, custom photo frames make an excellent promotional gift.

8. Stationery Gift Set - Old-fashioned mail is making a resurgence as of late. Jump on the bandwagon and its timeless charm by giving away branded stationery gift sets.

The Reason Behind Giving Corporate Gifts

While the most obvious reason for corporate gifts is to show appreciation to customers, suppliers, and business partners alike, it has another motive as well: to market your brand by building personal connections. For years, corporate gift-giving has opened the doors for a wealth of benefits including:

Raise Brand Awareness – Using corporate gifts—with your business name and logo—literally puts your brand out there hence, raising awareness of your business.

Money Saving - In comparison to other marketing strategies, corporate gifts are surprisingly a cost-effective way of advertising. The cost per impression is minimal compared to other forms of advertising.

Boost Customer Loyalty - Customers who receive gifts are more likely to do repeat business with you. It helps establish relationships between businesses and customer base like no other.

Improve Customer Perception - The idea of giving is associated with goodwill and by sending gifts, you develop a positive perception among your customers.

Increase Sales - The increased brand awareness, positive perception, and customer loyalty can all result in increased sales as recipients of your gifts will likely be more confident in spending more on your business.

If you’re looking to generate solid, long-term relationships with your customers, Arch Heritage has got you covered. For the past ten years, it has been providing a wide range of handmade-quality, customised gifts in Singapore that work as great corporate gifts.

The leading provider of bespoke souvenirs in Singapore has worked with different companies in the past by providing them with corporate gifts that will put their brand out in the open.

Reach out to your customers in a personalised way with corporate gifts. Visit Arch Heritage today!

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