5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Customising Corporate Gifts

5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Customising Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts—or promotional gifts, as some may prefer to call it—can come in every shape, colour, and size imaginable.

While it’s understood that corporate gifts still matter to this day, what should be reiterated is that giving gifts should not only be about practicing the age-old tradition of gift-giving but more about the gesture of giving well-thought-out gifts to appreciate clients or reward employees for a job well done.

For years of being a leading provider of premium gifts in Singapore, Arch Heritage has delivered countless corporate gifts to businesses from various industries, with everything customised according to their employees, patrons, and business partners.

One can’t stress enough that a lot of thought must be put into gifting. If you’re curious about what makes the perfect corporate gift, here are some factors to keep in mind in mind when giving gifts.

1. Budget –  As with anything, the age-old rule, quality over quantity, also applies to corporate gifts. Sure, you have to work within a budget, but don’t make that the only factor to think of. Invest in gifts that your recipients will appreciate and remember you for a long time.

Make sure as well to set a realistic budget based on how much you can afford on corporate gifts. There’s a wide range of gifts at your disposal and evaluating their price points can be a good start. But remember, the more lavish the gifts are, the more expensive they can be.

2. Quantity - You should list down the names of those you plan to give gifts to for two reasons: one, it will help you estimate how many gifts you need and second, it will keep you from forgetting someone valuable to your company.

3. Recipient – Now, we’re not suggesting that you should give the same gifts to everyone—employees, clients, and business suppliers. If you’re awarding someone for their years of service, recognising a guest speaker in an event, or appreciating a VIP client, it’s totally fine to give them a more expensive gift.

4. Timeframe – On the other hand, the timeframe when you will need the gifts should also be taken into consideration. Because customised gifts—particularly those that are handmade and ordered in bulk—take time to make, you’ll want to make sure that they will be delivered on time.

The best thing you can do is plan early and Arch Heritage will help you work out on a timeframe on when they can deliver your corporate gifts.

5. Design – When working out on a time frame, you should also take into consideration the design you’re looking to have. It pays to remember that the more intricate the design you’re looking to have—a 3D-miniature of your office building or a customised standee plaque, for instance—then it may take quite some time to finish.

While it’s a tall order, it’s possible with Arch Heritage. If you can imagine it, their local artisans can help you conceptualize and create the final product. They can help you put your business out in the open by making sure that your brand name is inscribed on the corporate gifts you’re giving away.

As a premium corporate gift brand, Arch Heritage takes pride in providing a wide range of products from small but intricately handcrafted items to one-of-a-kind customisation. Each piece is made by skilled craft workers and hand-assembled to perfection.

For customised corporate gifts, shop at Arch Heritage website today.

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