10 Locally-Inspired Singapore Souvenirs to Take Home

10 Locally-Inspired Singapore Souvenirs to Take Home


Local artisans in Singapore are recognized worldwide for producing a wide range of handcrafted items that pay homage to the city’s diverse culture, tradition, and cuisine. Local icons such as the Merlion, orchids, and the many iconic structures including the Raffles Landing Site and the Changi Airport are regularly used as motifs on souvenirs—notebooks, jewellery, postcards, keychains, and a lot more.

 These Singapore heritage gifts that aren’t merely functional but also symbolise the many cultures and ethnicities in the city.

As one of the leading providers of bespoke souvenirs in Singapore, Arch Heritage rounded up some of the best locally-inspired Singapore souvenirs you can get for yourself or give to your loved ones visiting the Lion City.


1. Vanda Miss Joaquim Bag Charm: Vanda Miss Joaquim is a hybrid orchid cultivar that serves as the national flower of Singapore. If you take a liking to this orchid, you can take home a bloom that will never wilt: a wood veneer orchid-inspired charm.

 R_MAG 0021-SG16 (Raffles Landing Site)









2. Raffles Landing Site Magnet: The landing site is the location where history tells that Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore,  first set foot on the island in 1819. The site is today marked with his statue which is beautifully depicted in this magnet.











3. Changi Airport Bookmark: Singapore Changi Airport is a key travel hub for both local and international carrier. As at 2018, Singapore Changi Airport has won 594 awards since its opening, including 30 ‘Best Airport’ awards in 2018 alone. Buy this bookmark to discover Changi an airport like no other.

NBC0061-SG26 - A5 Notebook Singapore River Then and Now 









4. Singapore River Then & Now Notebook: Looking at how pristine the waters are at the Singapore River today, it’s hard to imagine that it was in a polluted, tragic state back then. This notebook can serve as a little reminder of how far the young city has come in such a short period of time.










5. City in a Garden Framed Artwork: What’s better to update your gallery wall than with a framed travel souvenir? This beautiful framed artwork portrays yet again the city garden, alongside the other iconic elements including the Merlion, Changi Airport Control Tower, and Esplanade to name a few.

 PPF0077-SG2R - Singapore Skyline (Red)









6. Singapore Skyline Pearl Photoframe: The panoramic views of the Singapore skyline is a classic postcard view of the city. Now, you can enjoy it in a different form: a pearl photo frame that equally celebrates the island’s rapid modernisation.










7. Merlion Coin Purse: Souvenir shopping wouldn’t be complete without anything that features the iconic Merlion. This Merlion purse makes a great souvenir for tourist and even locals—and because it’s available in a wide range of colours, you’re sure to have one for everybody!

R_SG pride_luggage










8. Pride of Singapore Luggage Tags: A luggage tag is both stylish and practical. It makes your luggage easier to identify even from afar and allows someone to contact you in case it gets lost. Take your pick in these aluminium luggage tags that feature some of Singapore’s pride.

 3D Dragon Playground







9. Dragon Playground 3D Miniature: The colourful mosaic titled Dragon Playground is one of local heritage iconic site. The unique miniature of this playground is one of premium gifts Singapore.










10. Old Shophouse Pen Holder: Promotional pen holders make practical and affordable corporate gifts. But, they serve as great souvenirs, too! This pen holder features a quintessential architectural icon of Singapore: an old shophouse, portraying the city’s multicultural influences throughout the years.

If you’re looking to buy these locally-inspired souvenirs in Singapore, Arch Heritage is the place to go. It carries bespoke souvenirs and many more Singapore-themed items such as notepads, pencil holders, pendants, luggage tags, postcards in varying styles and designs.

However, what will keep you coming back for more is its great selection of handcrafted and framed artworks that feature Singapore’s heritage. They take pride in their local artisans who have painstakingly assembled these artworks, piece by piece and up to the smallest details to give you a Singapore premium gift that’s truly handmade and unique.

Visit Arch Heritage today to find a store near you.

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